2018 marks our 224th year in print, making us one of the oldest newspapers in the United States. Here’s a look back:



George Washington is president. The Lancaster Journal, the newspaper that would later become LNP, is printed for the first time.


The Lancaster New Era is first printed.


The Sunday News was established by James Hale Steinman and John Frederick Steinman. It was Lancaster County’s first local Sunday newspaper.


The Steinman family purchases The Lancaster New Era. Today, LNP is a 4th generation family- owned business.


The James Hale Steinman and John Frederick Steinman Foundations are established to provide financial support to organizations that improve the quality of life in Lancaster County.  In 2014, the foundations were merged into one; the Steinman Foundation. The foundation is funded, in large part, by contributions made by LNP and other Steinman family businesses. Since 1951, the foundation has given more than $90 million to local charities and non-profit organizations.


LancasterOnline.com is first launched. Designed to adapt to the changing needs of our readers, lancasteronline.com has grown each year in popularity and is the leading news site in Lancaster County with more than 8 million views each month.


The morning news, The Intelligencer Journal and the evening news, The Lancaster New Era merge into one, The Intelligencer Journal-Lancaster New Era.


The LancasterOnline.com mobile app is launched giving readers the ability to access the day’s news from the palm of their hand.


The name of our newspaper changes to LNP. A unique, contemporary name to signify our ability to change with the world around us. “Always Lancaster” is adopted as the tagline, highlighting our heritage and connection to Lancaster, our commitment to reporting on the people, culture and issues facing Lancaster County, and our unmatched support for local businesses.


In April, the LNP e-newspaper, a digital replica of LNP, launches. The e-newspaper allows people outside Lancaster County, across the nation, and even the world, to read our news headlines and award-winning feature stories.


Today, LNP has grown to be the 3rd largest daily paid print circulation newspaper in Pennsylvania.


2018 and Beyond- Affecting Change.

Fighting for Quality Schools. Advocating for Clean Water. Addressing Tough Issues. Informing Opinions. Sparking Conversation. Helping Businesses Prosper. Improving the Quality of Life in Lancaster County.


LNP is a proud family-owned business with deep roots in Lancaster County. Your Story is Our Story.