Alex Rios

Growing up in Philly, Assistant Content Editor Alex Rios was a news junkie – soaking up everything from hard news to sports. “I just liked holding the paper in my hands,” he says.

A career in journalism was a natural fit, but Rios always preferred being behind the scenes. You won’t see his byline in the paper every day, and that’s the way he likes it. But he touches much of what you read in print and online in some way.

Rios manages LNP’s staff of news reporters, helping to guide the process from idea to assignment to finished story, as well as deciding how to best share that story with readers. “I appreciate being in the background and helping other reporters with their stories,” he says.

Balancing digital and print is one of his biggest challenges. “You want to get the news out there as fast as you can (digitally), but you want to offer something a little different in the paper.”

Publishing seven days a week gives LNP the luxury of taking a fresh look at stories, digging beyond online breaking news to show how issues in areas like health and the economy touch people in the community. In print, Rios says, “It’s less about the process and more about the effects.”

His focus might be on the more serious side of the news, but Rios does have a lighter side. He’s a music junkie, too, and for years cowrote a column on the local music scene with a fellow staff member. He’s also been a community engagement specialist for LancasterOnline.

But after nearly two decades at LNP, Rios still loves the feel of newsprint. And he knows a lot of readers do, too. It’s one of the reasons he loves working in Lancaster County.

“This is a traditional place,” he says. “Everybody appreciates having that newspaper in hand.”

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