Jenelle Janci

Jenelle Janci is a millennial, but when it comes to talking music she can hold her own with any baby boomer in the room. She began her musical exploration around age 12, doing crazy things like swiping a copy of the compilation CD “The Essential Billy Joel” from her brother’s bedroom.

These days her personal tastes favor Kanye West over Taylor Swift. Professionally, however, musicians are part of her beat, and she loves discovering all of them and what makes them tick – whether it’s rising opera star Janai Brugger, contemporary Christian artist David Crowder or Goo Goo Dolls frontman John Rzeznik.

Jenelle shares those discoveries every Thursday in EL, LNP’s weekly go-to guide for what’s happening in Lancaster County. For music lovers, it’s a comprehensive look at who’s playing where, from the bar around the corner to Hersheypark Stadium.

On weekends, Jenelle goes country. Check out the Sunday LNP Living section for “Country Confidential,” her monthly conversations with Brad Austin, an afternoon DJ and station program manager at country radio station WCXY in Havre de Grace, Maryland. You’ll also get a chance to win free concert tickets.

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