Suzanne Cassidy

Over the course of her journalism career, Suzanne Cassidy has traveled the world, including a stint at The New York Times bureau in London, where she wrote about the likes of Pavarotti and Princess Di and penned articles about travel, the arts and the colorful British media. But she’ll tell you the best job she’s ever had is the one she holds now, as Opinion page editor of LNP.

“We’re lucky here at LNP that we have so many engaged readers,” she says.

Readers not only write letters but also help form the editorial voice of LNP. A rotating group of three community members sits on the editorial board, meeting once a week to discuss editorial topics and the stance LNP will take on a particular issue. “We are holding the concerns of our readers in mind when we tackle an issue,” Cassidy says.

That means maintaining a diverse board and looking at issues through a nonpartisan lens. Balancing political points of view is also a top priority, which is why each LNP Opinion section features a mix of conservative and liberal commentary.

But the real lifeblood of the Opinion section is the Op-Ed/Letters page. “It’s a place where the community can come together and discuss what’s on its mind,” Cassidy says. Helping readers get their voices heard is a responsibility she takes seriously. Her one requirement is civility.

Cassidy and her staff receive anywhere from 70 to 100 letters per week. Topics run the gamut, from faith and politics to health care and refugees.

And then there are the thank-you letters – from a veteran grateful for a meal provided by a stranger or a stranded driver appreciative of the Good Samaritan who came to the rescue. Occasionally, Cassidy will devote an entire page to those tributes. “Lancaster County residents have a lot to say,” Cassidy notes. “I’m always interested to see where the conversation is going to go next.”

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